secondaire - design from France

“There is our planet and what people have made of it; all those creations that once linked up with the sun. And even further, there are more stars shinning like light needles in the hugeness of the night, and so we get lost in galaxies, those cosmic dusts in this unfathomable universe. Then, as if relieved to feel so small in this world and unable to describe our peace of mind, we stop for a while to drink from our original spring of emotion, where the insouciant child that lies within us comes to breathe life in the prime of our lives and restore its freedom."

Jean-Louis Etienne, french exploreur - Le pôle intérieur

A bit of philosophy

Here at Secondaire, we feel so small within the Milky Way galaxy and also really good in our place.

We are literally fascinated by this bustling life driving the world and each of our craft productions is an invitation to enjoy what life has made of us and how to make the most of it.


A lot of realism

We are striving to find our true place in this world while respecting ecosystems. Therefore we prioritise natural material bought locally (except for some technical items such as magnets). Whenever possible (depending on quantities required and if a European procurement is made possible), we give priority to recycled materials and/or coming from organic agriculture.

We are also very much concerned with our partners’ well-being so we work with companies committed to an ecofriendly way of producing and a positive management policy.

Finally, we work with French manufactures only as we are always willing to praise our French know-how and avoid useless flows of goods.