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Here at Secondaire, we can hardly imagine you being lazy, selfish, impressionable, unaware, anthropocentric people and so on. We’d rather think you are always dreaming that your own pleasure echoes with your peers’ expectations and the universe.

We have then made a decision as to support an urgent ecological cause: fighting to save oceans – this natural world heritage that is no longer protected today.

And to do so, we have chosen this wonderful charity called BLOOM founded by Claire Nouvian in 2004:

“Its main objectives”

  • Put an end to deep sea destructive fishing policies
  • Put an end to food waste in fisheries and limit rejects
  • Ensure the economic sustainability of the fishing industry through a fair dispatching of public financial support
  • Protect endangered species, especially deep sea sharks


For more information, we strongly recommend you watch the Tedxparis conference: “Pourquoi il faut se mobiliser contre la pêche en eau profonde?” (“Why should we be doing something about deep sea fishing?”)

We feel committed to it and we would like to share this with you. Each of your purchases will enable us to expand our monthly financial support to Bloom and thus contribute to another step towards the world we are dreaming of.